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To invest in the future of children around the world, by ensuring that children living in impoverished conditions are given access to education, medical services and a chance to change their economic existence.

Our Relief Goals


The children deserve the chance to succeed and create the Haiti that we believe can and should exist. We aim to fund a first class national education system that will provide students with all the skills necessary to foster lasting growth in the country.


We aim to both provide the funding necessary to train hospital staff and develop the infrastructure that will allow the Haitian hospital system to operate efficiently and effectively in perpetuity. Only when a sound healthcare system exists, will the youth have a chance to live free of disease, giving the country the chance to grow and prosper.


We are dedicated to transparency of our operations. When you choose to make a donation to us, you will easily be able to see where your money goes and who it helps. One of the major issues plaguing charitable organizations, especially in regards to relief in Haiti, is that of transparency. Many media outlets have dedicated coverage to this pressing concern.


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