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Caribbean Image Award Recognizes Be Good to the Children

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

Life is full of challenges that can only be overcome by remarkable people. These luminaries are people who shine the light in the darkest situations that others may seem have no way out them. A hero is defined by the actions that he or she taken that contribute to the aid of the people around them along with the surrounding environment that they inhabit. It takes a selfless person whose heart can defy political, socioeconomic, physical, and intellectual barriers to make a difference in another persons life.

Dr. Martin Luther King was such a person. His pursuit of justice and freedom lead him to the capital of the greatest country in the world where he delivered one of the most life changing speeches of the world. Though the journey was one that was very difficult one where he was standing against racism, classicism, and segregation he embodied the human spirit of one whose hope can never die. We have a phrase at Be Good To The Children, Inc. ” Hope May Be Frail, but It’s Hard To Kill because it is the soul spark of Existence”.

Recently the amazingly wonderful and prestigious organization “Caribbean Image” which awarded us the prestigious Dr. Martin Luther King Award for our Humanitarian Efforts to help end child poverty. We are very humbled and honored to receive such a wonderful award from a very wonderful organization. Just like Dr. King the path that lays before us has many obstacles that have to be overcome. However like the Black National Anthem states ” Lift Every voice and sing till earth and heaven ring. Ring with the Harmonies of Liberty”. This is a goal that we plan to accomplish, to help the children of Haiti. We plan to be their voice in the struggle for a better life so that when the help is received their hearts can have a reason to sing and they to can be a light in the darkness for others who are in the same struggle.

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