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Join the Cause and Make A Difference

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

Do you want to be apart of something that is bigger than yourself? How about making a difference in the lives the innocent children who are just looking for a better tomorrow?

Well now you can Be Good To The Children is looking for volunteers for our Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 projects. You can be the reason why a child becomes a doctor or a lawyer. The efforts that you bring from your natural talents can help people who need access to education a possibility to person who never had access to it.

Here are the volunteers that we need at the moment:

Bloggers: We need to get the word out so that we can speak to the world about our mission to stop the spread of child poverty.

Fundraising: If you or someone you know has great experience when it comes to fundraisers we really would appreciate the services. We need fundraising experts.

Social Media: We need social media assistants to help us get the word out.

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