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The Gift of Books Program

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

The Gift Of Books program is one of the many direct initiatives to bring progressive change in the lives of the children in Haiti. We at Be Good To The Children believe that education is the foundation and a catalyst that can give a child ambition to become something more. We understand what the words from a book can do to free a child’s mind from the confines of their current situation. It creates spark of Hope that can one day be transformed into a torch that lights the way for other children to escape poverty.

During our last trip to Haiti we were able to make significant changes by providing the schools with the supplies they needed. Through donated books from you our sponsors were able to create a better school curriculum for students, training manuals for teachers, and a way that our Haiti based international team can work with our U.S. based team in order to lasting changes. We recognize that everything changes over time which is why we are an organization that is constantly researching the best methods to make sure that each student has what they need to keep up to date with the curriculum that is being created for them.

Our Goal is to expand our “Gift Of Books”program and a make it Bi-Quarterly which ensures that the children are given access to more educational books since electricity is scarce in the rural areas of Haiti. Future goals of our “Gift Of Books” program will include:

A book donation drive where people can donate discarded books so that we can send them to Haiti. Examples of this include school books that aren’t needed anymore

Our “Virtual Book Club” in which students in Haiti are given a book to read by sponsors. After reading the book our students and the sponsors can share what they thought about the book through posts in our forums

Our “Book to Movie Discussion” which is a program where you our wonderful sponsors can discuss with students books based on a movie

These programs are always subjected to change based on the opinions of the sponsors of our organization. Your words and opinions are what we value the most and the changes from our organization come from that. If you have any suggestions can you email us at:

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