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The Gift of Hope

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

What was your favorite childhood memory? What about your happiest moment? Now imagine that all of these good things that you had are gone in an instant. What is there left to hold onto when everything is taken away?

The one thing that every child has, but that we take for granted once we enter adulthood is the Gift Of Hope. Hope is the catalyst that pushes humanity to not only thrive, but to reach pinnacles that others may have thought impossible.

We at Be Good To The Children understand that Hope is education, something that is intangible, but yet more valuable than any resource on earth. Through learning, a child can obtain the necessary knowledge to become a doctor, a lawyer, or even a president. Hope is frail, but hard to kill because it lies within the confines of the soul waiting to be unleashed in a rush of brilliance that can only be described as a child’s willingness to succeed.

To a child living in an impoverished country where they have limited access to supplies, meals, and medical services the Hope that education brings is a gift within itself. A great education not only creates self-empowerment from knowledge gained. It creates opportunity to show a child a world of abundant opportunities. This is why we at Be Good To The Children are so passionate about our “Gift Of Hope” program which was made to bring economic stability through the provision of educational services. Currently our “Gift Of Hope” program is focused on Haiti’s L'Artibonite region and by 2020 will focus on other parts of the world.

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