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The Gift of Joy Event

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

The Gift Of Joy Event was an amazing experience for Be Good To The Children, Inc. because of the happiness we bring to the children in Haiti. It’s one of the events where both our domestic and international teams collaborate for one purpose, to create joyful memories that show the children of Haiti that we care. For many of our events that take place we at Be Good To The Children, Inc. staff members consider the children as family. In fact even the founder and president of the organization, Mr. Dorceus, personally handed out gifts to the children. When it comes to aiding children the Be Good To The Children, Inc.’s personal motto is “They are us and we are them” because we know like us they are a generation of people who can make a change.

The Gift Of Giving

Through the wonderful contribution of our donors and contributors we were able to give the children a wonderful amount of toys. For many of them this was the first time that they had Christmas gifts. We these to children know that they still matter and through the contributions of those who support us, that there are people who believe that with the proper love we know they can achieve great things.

A Team Effort

We at Be Good To The Children, Inc. appreciate the wonderful presentation that our Haiti put together with the resources that they were working with. They are like a team of MaGuyver’s and James Bonds Q all rolled into one. They are constantly keeping us updated on the many students that our organization supports and are methodical when it comes distributing resources to where they are needed. Our Haiti Team consists of professionals from different walks of life who take the time out their day to make sure that these children receive the proper care they need.

We Can’t Do It By Ourselves

When we are helping the children with anything we realize that we truly don’t have the resources without our donors and contributors. It is people like you who are Be Good To The Children, Inc. spine of the organization. The smiles, the laughter, the joy and most of all feeling that people care are a range of emotions experienced all through your contributions to Be Good To The Children, Inc.

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