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The HALEFO Organization Honors Cadet Dorceus

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

The HALEFO Organization is one of the premiere fraternal organizations that is focused on Haitian Police Officers. The organization prides itself on protecting and serving many people while taking pride of the fact that they are of Haitian descent.  The HALEFO Organization chooses officers who have done exceptional and exemplary work. However,Be Good To The Children, Inc President Cadet Dorceus was the first civilian selected to receive a wonderful award for this organization.

Creating A Milestone

Be Good To The Children, Inc. President, Cadet Dorceus, was honored to be first individual that set a milestone by being the first civilian to receive this award.  President Dorceus gave a heartfelt speech expressing his gratitude and also spoke of his humble beginnings describing his journey to America. He reiterated the reason why he started the organization was because he was once like the children that organization is focused helping. Confirming the organizations motto “We Are Them and They Are Us”.

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