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We Are Them and They Are Us

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

Think of a memory you cherish from your childhood. Maybe it was your first pet, spending time with your best friend, your first kiss, or something fun you did with your family. These are moments that young innocent lives cherish and go on holding to them into adulthood.

Now picture the opposite happening. Your childhood memories are full of pain and suffering. Maybe your memories are filled with going through the night hungry with nothing to eat, feeling sick and never being able to

afford medicine to take care of yourself, or maybe being in an area where education wasn’t accessible. This is the reality the children of Haiti are suffering through everyday poverty in Haiti. The everyday necessities that we take for granted are luxuries to them. Things like bathing in clean water, eating a nutritious meal, or even sleeping in clean bed are things that we are accustomed to. However to them they are things that are dreamed about and the look for someone to change their lives for the better.

We at Be Good To The Children, Inc understand the pain of these children because we were children once too. Even you reading this right now have a childhood with memories that you cherish in a land where opportunity is created. We at Be Good To The Children, Inc have a phrase ” We are the children and the children are us”. We say this because we see ourselves through their eyes. We understand that if someone stopped helping these children they would have severe medical issues and even lose their lives. We understand the fact that we can make a difference through working with donors and sponsors who are willing to see these children have significant changes in their lives through a giving heart.

Poverty is a socio-economic disease that can destroy lives, communities and generations. It is worldwide and unlike conventional biological viruses it can only be prevented with one thing. That one thing is knowledge. Children given the resources to help themselves and to help their families can contribute to creating a better future for their communities. This is how you fight something that is systemic. You give future generations the prevention methods to be aware of systemic dangers to avoid them.

In the end that is the reason why we take a stand against child poverty and stand by the phrase “We Are Them and They Are Us”. This is the truth that is embedded within every adult who has had a childhood.

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