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Woman Who Inspire Series Presents: Nancy Daniels

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

The world we live in is filled with tribulations, problems and difficult circumstances that can impede us from progressing. Problems like this are exacerbated to an even higher level when you are facing both gender inequality and racial prejudices. These are just some the problems that Nancy Daniels, Executive Director for Be Good To The Children, Inc faced and is still fighting to overcome.

Born in New York to Haitian immigrants Nancy was no stranger to overcoming stereotypes that came with being from a Caribbean family. Things such as gender roles which were very important in the Haitian community could have kept this amazing women from pursuing work in different fields after graduating college.

Her parents, though supportive, would have preferred her get married and have children instead of focusing on her career. A struggle that some young Haitian women can relate to even now. Nancy saw that she can break the glass ceiling by pursuing her own career path while instilling values in other younger woman who would observe her.

Barriers are just temporary enclosures that are broken by the individual who has the will to challenge what stands before them. Nancy Daniels is the embodiment of that. Her drive and passion to overcome problems to become a better person is why we have chosen her to be one of the people in our Glass Breakers Series. Director Daniels has held prominent positions in management as an Executive Director, in the health field as a LPN and a Director at a Health Center, and also has held positions as a Coordinator in the design field.

With all these wonderful positions and the accolades that she has accrued while breaking those glass ceilings the position that as an organization, which is closest to our hearts, is her being Executive Director of Be Good To The Children, Inc. She has been an instrumental part in bringing awareness to our goal in eradicating child poverty. Nancy Daniels is truly an inspiration to our glass breaker series.

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