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L' Artibonite, Haiti

L‘ Artibonite is our first service site where we affect the lives of 100 students a year by providing tuition and two warm meals a day.

Our students are referred to the Be Good To The Children Program by an onsite coordinator. From there each student is paired with a site program coordinator at the service site who evaluates the child’s educational history, family background, and current nutritional access.

Throughout the service year each child is tracked from the beginning of BGTTC on boarding with standardized metrics that include the child’s success throughout school, health metrics, and the child’s emotional well- being.

According to the World Bank, “In the early 2000's, about 90% of schools were private. These are very diverse and are run by religious organizations, non-governmental organizations, or for-profit institutions... Being privately owned, these schools usually require tuition fees. Along with the cost of transport, books, and the mandatory uniform, it is very hard for Haitians to send their children to school.”

And this is what drives our mission; providing education to as many children around the world, giving them the opportunity and power to make changes within their own communities. 

Help give to children who don’t have access to the basic necessities of education and food. Become active in Be Good to the Children, Inc. by sponsoring, supporting or partnering today!

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